Fishing Courtesy


At Kennebago, we enjoy one of the last strongholds of fly-fishing for native salmon and trout in the East.  Unless sportsmanship is adhered to, this beautiful area and its fine natural resources can be lost.  For this reason, KLCOA offers these “Courtesies” which will make fishing more enjoyable for everyone and help conserve these resources.  We respectfully request that you post this in your camp as a reminder to members and guests that ‘Courtesies” count at Kennebago.


  1. These waters are FLY-FISHING ONLY.  This means no spinners and no bait.  Unfortunately, these have been found in use.  This is a jurisdiction of the Game Warden, but association members should make sure that we and our guests obey the law.
  2. If you find someone fishing in a pool when you arrive, never start fishing unless you are invited.  Even if you think there is room for another person to cast, by so doing, you may spoil both his/her or your own chances of catching a fish.
  3. Never cast or wade into a pool above or below when someone else is already fishing.  There are many other places to fish on the stream.
  4. Don’t keep a pool to yourself or your party all day.  Of course, the first one to arrive has the rights on a pool, but lets be courteous.  You can invite someone to share the pool, alternating fishing every 20 or 30 minutes.  Perhaps the next person’s way of presenting a fly will be more tempting to the fish.  Or, if you have been at the pool a long time, try other pools.
  5. Keep the area clean.  Dispose of all paper, beer cans, etc.  If you carried it in, carry it out.  Keep a litterbag in your car and take your trash with you.


  1. These waters, too, are FLY-FISHING ONLY.  No spinners, and of course, no bait.
  2. Don’t go full speed past someone who is fishing.  Throttle your motor down to slow speed when passing and be sure to give them a wide berth.
  3. If you decide to fish near another boat, don’t get too close.  A good rules of thumb:  stay at least 2 of your best casts away – better 3!
  4. Use lights on your boat when fishing after dark.  Boats sitting still are sometimes hard to see against the dark background of the shore when it is getting dark.  Besides, the law requires lights on your boat after dark.
  5. TROLLING IS ILLEGAL!  If you fish under power (motor or paddle), retrieve your fly as soon as your line straightens out behind your boat.  If it drags – you are trolling.  Refer to current Fish & Game Rules and Regulations.
  6. Keeping fish in a live bucket is illegal.  If you are going to keep any fish, they must be killed immediately, as stated by law.

Revised 7/2013